Kurta Shalwar For Mens

Kurta is something one is emotionally and traditionally attaches with. Kurtas are ancient love of South Asia. Though they are traditional but yet people love to wear them on their formal occasions. Typically Kutras are loose shirts worn with shalwar, pajama or churidars.

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In whatever way one wear them, they endorse royal classic look. As we say, kurtas are traditional one but that doesn’t mean they don't have variations. There are some fluctuations according made by locals for their use.  Here we will discuss few of kurta shalwar for mens.

Multani Kurta Shalwar:

Multani Kurta shalwar is usually of light colors and of light fabric. Such kurtas are Collarless and even without bain. The length of such kurta is till knees or little below the knee. Such kurtas are straight cut with minimal accessories to accompany. White and off-white are basic colors of Multani kurta.


Kurta Shalwar For MensKurta Shalwar For MensKurta Shalwar For MensKurta Shalwar For MensKurta Shalwar For Mens


Hyderabadi kurta:

Hyderabadi kurta gives royal look. In Pakistan, such kurtas are used on weddings specially on mehndi function. Hyderabadi kurta is bit longer then usually kurtas. Embroidery is hot favorite in a Hyderabadi kurta. People opt for golden, bit heavy embroidery on Hyderabadi kurta.

Punjabi Kurta:

Kurtas are usually related with Punjab. We can say normally “kurta” is another name of Punjabi kurta.



Such kurta is short, straight and loose as well as embroidered according to the event. Plains kurtas are the best choice for casual wear.

Kurta Shalwar For Mens

This type of kurtas is best for day to day use. Sleeves of such kurtas are bit bell and lose. interesting color choice of Punjabi kurta is vast. One can choose bright colors as well as light colors. Mufflers and stoles are best accessories with these kurtas.


Kurta Shalwar For MensKurta Shalwar For MensKurta Shalwar For MensKurta Shalwar For MensKurta Shalwar For Mens


Kurta Shalwar:

Kurtas can be accompanied with pajamas, choridars as well as with shalwars. Among all these shalwars are the best ones. Shalwars are usually not to lose or too tight. Plains shalwars are chosen. However, ghirr of the shalwar is usually more.

So whatever you choose or select, comfort and style is guaranteed. One can never ignore the class and grace of kurta shalwar for mens. However one should be more considerate regarding fabric selection. Fabric should be flairy yet stiff to remain in shape. Best selection of accessories will defiantly enhance the look as well as endorse versatility. Last but not least remember in kurta shalwar, selection of kurta is equally valuable as is kurta. A perfectly cut shalwar will enhance the look or vice versa.


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