Mens shalwar Kameez

Designers try to launch new collection when there is a change of the season or on festivals. In Pakistan wedding season and Eids are held special place for launching collections. In festive season everyone wants to move towards being traditional. Men have variety of options to go for every day. So their trends are changing too. One can see change in fashion of shalwar and kameez also. So Latest Mens shalwar Kameez is discussed below.

Colors in Trend

In summers people try to select light colors. People usually avoid dark or bright colors. Same is the pattern of selection thisseason. Light or neutral tones are the choices of designers. Shades of beige, brown, blue and off-white are being liked. To very little extend bright colors are part of designer’s collection, but they are of soft and pastel nature.


Latest Men’s Shalwar Kameez For EidLatest Men’s Shalwar Kameez For EidLatest Men’s Shalwar Kameez For EidLatest Men’s Shalwar Kameez For Eid

Khaadi Chiffon Collection



Details mean embellishments. Embellishments hold a special place in the eyes of designers. What we exactly mean by decoration? We mean embroidery and buttons. Adornments are light this season. Only a small motif on pockets or light embroidery can be seen around the neckline. Varieties of buttons are available. Designers are using them to adorn their collection. However please note that size of the button is not too large.

Mens shalwar Kameez


Fabric selection for menswear is not limited. People have a lot of options to select from. They usually are cotton, viscose, blended, cotton silk, polyester and many others. However, people choose cotton or cotton silk-like fabric more than others. Cotton and the blended fabric are also favorite of designers. However, they use patterns or self-printed material to make it chicer.

Stitching Styles

There are differentiating styles for stitching. Men`s fashion is going beyond regular straight shirts. On another hand kurta is the other option. However as to accommodate summer, roll on sleeves are adding styles to shirts. Collars are in thing. So is the kurta style. Kurta style has few variations.

Think of white colored shalwar kameez which is good for Friday prayer as well as for weddings. Just one has to change the accessories to make it versatile. One can use black waistcoat on white shalwar kameez to make it look formal wear.


This kurta style has not as loose as kurtas are supposed to be. Sleeves are moderately loose. So now if you are going to buy men's shalwar kameez remember points mentioned above. Latest Mens shalwar Kameez styles will revolve around these points. However, keep your comfort level and gathering on the top. Style revolves around how good you will carry it. Moreover, remember everything is not for everyone.

Choose Mens shalwar Kameez To stand out in the crowd

Shalwar Kameez is the must-have item in the wardrobe of a Pakistani gent. Whatever you do, whatever your profession is or wherever you live, you want to have at least two to three shalwar kameez in your wardrobe. Have you ever thought why it is important to have them? One has a lot of dress shirts for formal wear, pajama & T-shirts for casual wear or sleepwear for night dress they why. It is that One shalwar kameez can be the formal wear yet maintaining comfort level. There may be other reasons so let us explore why Mens shalwar Kameez is so important.

People choose shalwar kameez as this can be used on the variety of events for a variety of reasons. This is the great plus of shalwar kameez as even one shalwar kameez can be used for ceremonies of different kinds.

Most of the people choose shalwar kameez for being comfortable. It is mostly stitched in a manner which is not too tight or too loose. So is the fabric, moreover, the fabric is available in different variety according to season`s demand. All the stitching choice and fabric availability makes it the affordable choice in every season.

Gents Shalwar KameezGents Shalwar KameezGents Shalwar KameezPakistani Men's Shalwar Kameez In The USA

Pakistani Men's Shalwar Kameez In The USA


Mens shalwar Kameez is the best way to stay in touch with Pakistani culture. As we all know that this is the national dress, everywhere in Pakistan this is used with little variations. This is the reason people want to have at least one shalwar kameez on their festivals, eid, family gathering and in Ramadan.

People generally think that anyone who wears shalwar kameez is outdated. The reality is that person looks classic. A person doesn’t always look cool in shalwar kameez One should select what suits. The color of shalwar kameez should be complementing as well as in fashion too. It is fact that one`s carrying style matters most to look classic.

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